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1.01 Main Menu

28/04/2012 Comments off

Well, this is the main page on erepublik.

In this page, we will learn the basic thing. Knowing where each thing is will help you to have greater pleasure in this game.

Basic Informations

Number 1 = Info about your citizen with your avatar, the country where you live, your current health, your money, Missions that you have not yet finished, current mail unread, current alerts and log out button

Number 2 = the current daily order of your military unit

Number 3 = Current military campaign and the Country president (and only him) and choose the most important military for the country

Number 4 = Newspaper module

Number 5 = your feed where you can read message from your friends, your military unit and your party

PS : I will give more details about every module on the following articles

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