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1.02 How to Begin ? – Free food – Useful Links

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Well, you will begin with 100 health and receive 10 GBP

The main things that you will need to do at that time is : Working – Training and Fighting.

If your health is low : Use some food or buy some on the market place but NEVER use health pack : their cost is huge (especially for a new citizen like you). Sometimes, you will receive “Energy Bar” . You can use them but it is better to do it in an important battle.

Also, Several initiatives and parties help young citizens by giving them food :

National Health Service : : You are level 29 or below. You can receive 500 health per day

Kravenn’s cakes (Kravenn offers you 40 Q2 food and  aka 160 health)

– The Unity Welcome Baskets : (The Unity Party offers you 50 Q3 food aka 300 health)

Woldy Royal Welcomes (King Woldy the wise offers you 100 GBP and 10 Q5 food aka 100 health )

The Tesco Thread (UK Reform Party can help you with some food and guns)

ESO soup kitchen (Every Single One offers you 100 health)

Prinny Juice (Prinny Squad offers you 200 health)

Useful Links : Useful website where you can count your influence, your training and several other things


Also, I will talk here about “How to put an avatar”

First of all, you will click on the square near from your nickname (I surrounded it in red)

You will be redirected to you profile page and you will click on “edit profile”

Once you have done that : Click on the small button (surrounded in red), Choose your avatar on the computer and type your password and click on make change

Also, every time that you will want to change your avatar, it will be asked to type your email

PS : sorry, I hide my birthday and my email