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1.03 Health and eating

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Health is one of the most important thing in the game. Its number is always between 0 and 100.

With your health, you can do several things like Working – Training – Fight – Working in your own companies,

You lose health by making the following things

  • Working (you will lose 10 health)
  • Training (10 health lost by training grounds that you use)
  • Fighting (10 health lost, each time that you work on the button “fight”)
  • Working in your own companies (10 health lost by companies where you work)

You gain health by making the following things

  • Eating
  • Gaining health in hospitals by clicking on the small icon when there is one available (Take care, it is harder to find one on these days)
  • Using energy bars : if you can’t anymore health (you used your current limit), you can restore 100 health by eating an energy bar. Also, you are not forced to eat them when you receive one, it is better to keep them and using them at a special occasion (like an important battle)


After doing several things, you will lose health, no problem to regain some. Just need to eat some food

How ? That’s very simple : Click on the button “Eat”

If you used your limit and have still some energy bars : the button will be orange

And if you don’t have food, the button will be green and will be “Buy food”, by click on it, you will be redirected to the market