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1.4 Energy Limit

28/04/2012 Comments off

On day 1767 : Admin removed “town center” and put another system at the place.

Now when you begin to play at erepublik : You have a limit of 100 energy and you can stock 100 another ones (for a level 1)

Each time that you raise a level and until level 21 : your limit energy is increased by 20.

So it means that if you are level 2 : your limit is 120
For a level 11 : your limit is 300
For a level 16 : your limit is 400
For a level 21 : your limit is 500

Once you are level 21, your energy limit can be “upgraded” if you buy of of these 2 buildings

The first one will raise your health limit from 50 and cost 99 Gold

The Second one will raise your health limit from 100 and cost 199 Gold

These 2 houses can be bought here

PS : the 2 buildings are not mandatory

The maximum energy that you can have is 650 on your “energy bar” and 650 that you can stock

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