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1.5 Donations

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In erepublik, you can donate money and objects to your friends or another citizen.

First of all, you need to be level 15. Following that click on the small icon mentionned below.

If you want to donate item to a friend, click on the donate icon and further choose the amount of things (by example some food) that you want to donate. Once it is done : click on donate

If you want to donate money to a friend : it is almost the same. You need to click on the second tab and choose the amount of money that you want to give

PS : you can’t donate food and weapon raw materials and you are limited in gold donations. You can “only” transfer 10 golds per day.

On day 1933, Admins decided to change some small things on donations. About Food and weapons : nothing changes. But they modified a small thing about currencies and gold donations.

Now, when you receive a donation, you will not directly receive it, you will receive an alert like this one

It means that you have 72h to accept or reject the donation. If you don’t answer or reject it, currency or gold will be back to the sender.

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