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1.8 Medals

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Medals are a reward given to you by accomplishing several tasks. Some of them are quite easy, others are quite hard.

Every time that you win a medal : you receive 5 Golds

Hard worker medal

Not the hardest medal, here you just need to work 30 days in a row to have it. You can change to who you work, … The only thing that it counts is “working 30 days in a row”. Work also if you work for yourself in your own companies.

Congress Member Medal

You are interested by political life ? This medal is for you. You receive it when you are elected into the congress

Country President Medal

This one is quite harder than the 2 previous ones. You receive it when you win Presidential election. No other thing to say that you need to be a good politician or a good leader to be able to win it.

Media Mogul Medal

You like to write articles in your newspaper ? Maybe you will have a chance to receive a media mogul medal. When you will have 1000 citizens who follow your newspaper : this medal is for you. Also, you need to write some quality articles 😉

Battle Hero Medal

You receive this medal when you inflict the biggest amount of damages in a mini. Most of the time, you will need to use some energy bars and maybe some bazookas to have it.

Campaign Hero Medal

Not the hardest but obviously : not the easiest. It is like the battle hero one but there : you need to inflict the big amount of damages in a campaign

Resistance Hero Medal

You receive this medal when you succesfully deliver a region from another country. The cost to deliver a region is 1000 GBP but every Resistance war launched is not always victorious

Super Soldier Medal

That one is quite simple : Each time that you advance 250 strength, you receive one. Unlike the hardworker medal : it is not mandatory to train each day (even if it is better)

Society Builder Medal 

You have a lot of friends who are interested to play at erepublik : Invite them and when 10 of them reach level 10  : this medal is for you

Mercenary Medal

For this medal : you have to defeat 25 opponents for 50 differents countries (so 1250 opponents defeated). To have it : you have the choice to be patient (and always follow orders of the country) or hitting for your enemies

Top Fighter Medal

No lie : The hardest medal to have. And I will not hide it : if you are a new citizen, you will probably never receive this medal.

To win it : you need to be in the top 100 of the biggest fighters during 30 days (Be in the top 100 of guys of inflicted the biggest amounts of damages). It is almost impossible to have it via bazookas and energy bars without invest Real Life Money

True Patriot Medal

The newest medal. Not the hardest to win. Like its name said : You need to fight for your country to receive it. You will receive your first one when you will inflict 100K of damages for the country of your citizenship.

Next medals will be received when you reach a amount of damages. Check The following table to know more

Medal(s) Damages
1 100.000
2 500.000
3 1.000.000
4 2.000.000
5 3.000.000
6 5.000.000
7 10.000.000
8 15.000.000
9 20.000.000
10 30.000.000
11 40.000.000
12 50.000.000
13 100.000.000
14 150.000.000
15 200.000.000
16 300.000.000
the next one 100.000.000 than the previous one
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