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1.9 Market

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You have no more food and weapons in your storage and you desperatly need some ? The marketplace is made for you.

First of all : you need to click on “market” and following that on “marketplace”

You will see this

The market place contains several things that you can buy.

Food – Weapons – Moving Tickets – Food raw Materials – Weapon raw materials – Companies (Hospitals and Defence systems are only available for the country president)

  • Food : they are used to restore your health
  • Weapons : they are used to make more damages on the battlefield
  • Moving Tickets : they are used to move to another region (but they are almost useless now)
  • Food Raw materials : they are required to create foods
  • Weapon Raw materials : they are required to create weapons
  • Companies : “things” that you use to create products

Also, I will not talk about Hospitals and Defence system here, Only the country President can buy them. Last thing : Companies is for another chapter

Products and quality

Well, finished products (like food, weapon and moving tickets) are divided into several qualities : from Q1 to Q6 (except Moving tickets to Q5 but they are almost useless now)

Highest the quality is, highest the product is, highest it cost.

About food : a Q1 food will give you back 2 health, a Q2 food will give back 4 health, … till a Q6 who give you back 12 health.

Small tip : before buying food, think to compare the price for 1 health, sometimes : Q5 food can be cheaper than a Q3

About weapons : a Q1 weapon will increase your damage from 20% and can be used 1 time, a Q2 weapon will increase your damage from 40% and can be used 2 times, … till a Q6 weapon who will increase your damage from 120% and can be used 6 times.

Small tip : Even if the price is different, you will make more damage by using a Q6 weapon than 6 times a Q1 weapon.

Raw Materials like Food Raw materials and Weapon ones have no quality : products sold on the market are the same

Buying a product

How to buy an article ? This part will explain that to you.

Well, once you are on the market place (remember that you need to click on market and Marketplace), you will see this

Example : I want to buy 100 Q1 food

You will click on food and on the first picture of a bread (lowest quality is always at the left and highest one at the right). At that moment, you will see people who sell their Q1 bread : Put 100 just at the place of “1” and click on BUY. Products that you bought will go to your storage.

PS : you have only access to the marketplace of your citizenship country. If you move to another one : you will keep access to the marketplace of your country and will have access to the one where you currently live.

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