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1.10 Gold

30/04/2012 Comments off

The gold is one of the currencies of the eWorld and also the most important one. Many things can be bought via Gold (and it is also the way that admin used to gain some Real Life money).

Gold is useful for the following things

  • Buy a company
  • Create a newspaper (2 Gold). Attention, you can’t remove a newspaper
  • Use some training grounds (Not the best idea for a young player to pay for train)
  • Use Health pack (not the best idea for a young player too)
  • Create a political party (40 Gold)
  • Upgrade your company

You will gain Gold by the following ways

  • Win a medal (5 Gold per medal)
  • Raise your experience level (1 Gold per level)
  • Invest your real life money into the game (not the best idea in my opinion)
  • Exchange your Local currency into the monetary market to gold

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