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1.11 Country Center

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The country center can easily be found when you click on the flag of your citizenship.

You can find several important news about your country. Let’s check together.

First of all : the button “donate” is there if you want to give your money to the country. Also : On the map will show you the position of the country on the world map.

About tabs,


It will show you current population in UK, Babies who are born on the last 24h, People who ask UK citizenship (only congress members can approve), the average level of citizens in the country, eUK citizens who are currently online (all over the world) and the citizen fee (Money that a baby receive when he joins the game). At the end of the page, you can see regions that eUK has on its possession.


At the beginning of the page, you will see the current ressources that UK has

One region with the bonus is enough the receive it. More differents ressources that UK has = more productivity for our companies

At the bottom, you can see the current embargoes that eUK has and the differents levels of taxes


Like its name said : it shows current country president and current composition of congress. By clicking on “elections results”, you will see results from last elections


This tabs shows the current natural enemy of eUK, Wars in which UK can fight and also Resistances wars in which we are involved.

At the end of the page, you can see countries with who UK signed an alliance


The last tabs and it will show you current laws project (Like sign an alliance, changing taxes, donations from country accounts to Bank of England, choice of a natural enemy, …

Only congress members and country president can vote and they can vote only on the 24h following the launch of the proposal.

By clicking on details : you can see current results of a vote

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