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2.01 Working

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Well, without work : it is impossible to gain money in erepublik.

Find a job

The elementary thing : well, to have a job, move your cursor on “market” and click on “Job Market”

At this moment, click on apply next to the best offer (except if the best offer is something like 10000GBP, the employer is probably unable to pay wages)

Following that, you will be redirected to the page “my places” and see this message ‘Congratulations, you work for XXX”

To work : you only need to click on “work”.
Also, I will explain you several things about the last screen shot
1 = your employer (you can’t resign on the first 3 days after signing)
2 = the health that you will lose by working for him (it is the same for everybody)
3 = your wage
4 = the income tax (the money that you will give to country accounts each time that you work)

Once you push on the button work, you will see this

£129.69 is my current wage. By clicking on show details, you willl be able to see some informations

The first one is remaining days until my next hardworker medal (25)

The second one is days that I worked in a row (1085)

The third one is the experience that I won by working (2)

The last one is health that I lost by working (10)

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