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2.03 Storage

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That’s another thing that you will need to learn to manage but don’t worry, that’s not that hard.

It is a bit like in real life, if you work in a bakkery and produce cakes, you need to find a place to stock them (you will not put them on the street).

When you arrive on erepublik, admins offer you 1 storage who can contain 1000 products.

Even if it can be strange, each product has the same size for admins. So, 1 tank will take the same place than 1 food.

To see your current storage, you need to click on « My Places » and on the third tabs

Final products = food, weapons of different qualities + energy bars

Resources = Food and weapon raw materials

One day, your 1000 places will be a little short and you will need more strorage.

Admin added the possibility to buy different kinds of storage. You need to click on the small + near from storage

and you will be redirected to this page Choose the storage building that you need and click on « build ». It will be added.

Attention :

  • Once you bought a storage, you can’t remove it
  • If your storage is full, you can’t receive product donations (you can’t 200 pens in a box who can receive 100)

TIP : Currently, it is not a good idea to buy the 9k storage. It will be cheaper to buy 9 X 1K storage than 1 X 9K

Last thing, you have saw a numbers near from storage. The first one is total current products that you have and the second is the maximum products that you can have.

If these numbers are Green : Less than 50% of your storage is used.

If they are orange : you use between 50 and 75% of your storage

If they are red : you use more than 75% of it

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