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2.04 Daily tasks and Daily orders

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Almost the last 2 things about the second chapter,

Daily tasks and Daily orders can help you in your progression in Erepublik. Well by following them, you will gain several things

Daily tasks

Tasks are quite simple, every day at daychange, It will be asked to work and train

Follow these orders and after that, return to the main page and you will receive a reward which is always +1 Experience point and +1 strength point.

If you follow daily tasks during 5 days. You will receive 5 Experience points and 5 Strength points.

Daily orders

To have daily orders, you need to be in a military unit (check the chapter about that)
Everyday at daychange, you will see an order (who was decided by you MU’s commander or Military priorities).

Orders are always the same : you must defeat 25 opponents in a selected campaign.

If you are able to do it. You will receive a reward which is an energy bar and 5 pieces of a bazooka (one of each).

Also, if you are only able to defeat « only » 15 opponents in this campaign and this one ends. Another campaign will be choosen and opponents that you defeated on the first campaign will count . To be short, you will only need to defeat 10 opponents in that campaign to be eligible to the reward