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3.02 Create and upgrade a company

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At a moment, it will be mandatory to create a company (what ever the kind) for upgrading your town center.

To create a company, you need to click on “my places” and on the + near from “companies”

You will be redirected to a page where you can see buildings that you can add on your land.

Click on the type of company that you want to create

By example : for a salpeter company, you will need to click on “weapon raw materials” and on the salpeter mine and click on build

– If you want to create a food or a weapon company, click on factories and choose the kind of company that you want to create.

Click on build and it is done

Attention : you can’t create directly a Q2 to Q6 company, you need to create a Q1 and upgrade it the quality that you want (see below)

Tips : About food and weapon raw materials companies, a Cattle factory cost less than a fishery and produce more (same for salpeter and aluminium mine).

Deer and Rubber companies are too high to make profit

Upgrade a company

Well, Food and weapon companies can be upgraded. It cost Gold but you will produce more health per day (for food companies) and more efficient weapons.

Once you created your company, click on “My places” and click on the arrow near from “Companies”

Following that, Click on the arrow near from the company that you want to upgrade (here, I will explain with a Quality 1 weapon company)

After clicking on the arrow, upgrade costs will appear.

If you have enough gold for the quality that you want : click on “Upgrade” and you company will be upgraded into the new quality.

Attention : a upgraded company will need more raw material (check the table below)

Quality   Basic production Food raw material required Weapon raw material required
Q1 100 (food) / 10 (weapon) 100 100
Q2 100 (food) / 10 (weapon) 200 200
Q3 100 (food) / 10 (weapon) 300 300
Q4 100 (food) / 10 (weapon) 400 400
Q5 100 (food) / 10 (weapon) 500 500
Q6 100 (food) / 10 (weapon) 600 600
Q7 100 (food) / 10 (weapon) 2000 2000

PS : Basic production = country is wiped and of course, it is per worker