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3.04 Manage a company

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Well, no hide. It is probably the most important chapter in this tutorial. Everybody has companies and you need to know how manage them. Most of the time, I see several new citizens who make mistakes. I will try to explain several current panel and giving you some tips to helping you to not make errors.

Red = your companies

Green = companies where you work as manager. If the guy is green, he has already worked in this company. If he is black, you select a slot to make him work and grey = the slot is available

Blue = it shows workers that you can assign into your companies

If the guy is green : you have already assigned him, if he is black, you select a slot where you can assign your workers, if it is grey, the slot is available

Orange = shows how many raw materials that your workers will use (when you assign them)

Mauve = Finished products that your workers created

1 = add a company

2 = sell or dissolve a company ( if you dissolve it, you will lose 50% of his value)

3 = upgrade a company

4 = having access to the management of your workers (explained on 3.05)

5 = access to raw materials market place

6 = health that I will use by working as manager (here, I don’t work there at that moment, that’s why you see 0)

7 = the first number is workers that you currently assign in your companies. The second number is the amount of worker that you are currently able to assign (here 2)

8 = the amount of raw materials that you will use (or gain) when you and your workers work

9 = Once you have selected the amount of workers that you want to use and when you want to use (same for working as manager) : Click there to make them work


– Never hire workers who you will use in raw material companies : Never

– Never hire workers for other factories (food and weapons) if qualities of these companies in less than 5 for food and 6 for weapons.

– Never make loses, maybe you will say that it is logic but it is elementary.

If you decide to hire workers, you need to know to how much final products will cost you. Before hire them, check current job market and how much they will produce. The cost of your raw materials. Once you know how much it will cost you, NEVER sell below that price. Even if you have a lack of money. It is better to contact them explaining that you will reduce their wage or fire them.

Trust me, I have enough experience in that module, more than a year ago, I saw many people who sold their raw materials below their cost. There was around 70 people who fought to sell these products, whatever the price. 2 months later, there were 11.

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