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3.05 Workers Management

10/05/2012 Comments off

During the last part of the chapter 3, I realized that I needed to explain how to manage your workers.

So, let’s check the first picture (Not all of my workers are there).

1 = hire a worker (will be explained later)

2 = fire a worker (will be explained later)

3 = wages, Click there to be able to change wages of your workers

4 = Worker worked on that day

5 = Worker has not worked on that day

6 = X/Y, X = amount of workers that I have and Y = Maximum workers that I can hire

7 = percentage of workers that work for me (which means that not all of them works)

8 = Costs if every workers work

Hire a worker

That’s quite simple, You click on the + , you choose number of workers that you need and wages that you are ready to pay.

Your offer will be available on job market

PS : You can’t propose less than 0,1GBP (which is UK minimum wage)

Fire a worker

You are not satisfied by a worker or you want to close your companies, well, you need to fire one or several workers.

In that case, you click on the « – », a trash can will appear near of every workers and click on the trash can near from the worker that you will fire and the job is done