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3.05 Taxes – Foreign Licences and embargoes

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In this chapter, we will talk about several important things about economy


Even if taxes are not the most appreciated by citizens, they are vital for an economy. Most of the time, Taxes are used to help Army (for supplies) or schemes for new citizens, …

Let’s check the current level of taxes in UK

At the left of the table, you can see current products (food – weapons – moving tickets – food raw materials – weapon raw materials – hospital – defence system) . Each product can be taxed at a different level.

Income Tax : Well, this tax is paid when you work. By example, you signed in a company and you boss will pay you £100 .

Current income tax level is at 1%, Your boss will see his current account removed from £100 . £99 will go to your own pocket and £1 will go to country accounts

Import Tax : If you always sell your products in eUK, this tax has no importance for you.

But by example, a Spanish guy wants to sell his weapons in eUK at the price of £50 each. Each time that he will sell a weapon : he will receive £31.25. Country accounts will receive £18.75

However if you decide to sell your weapons at £50 : you will receive £50 (- VAT tax) each time that you sell one.

VAT : it is the Value added Tax. You pay it each time that you want to buy something on the market.

By Example, I decide to sell a Q2 food at the price of £1. On the market, you will be able to buy it at £1. VAT is 10% for food. £0.0909 will go to the country account and £0.9091 will go in my pocket
PS : There is no VAT for food and weapon raw materials

Foreign Licence

When you begin to play, you receive a free licence (understand, it the country of your citizenship (UK), but if you want to sell your products in another country, you will need to invest in export licence (If you want to sell your food in Serbia by example).

The price of this licence is 20 Gold (sorry but I still have 23 for free but it is a too long story to explain why here).

1. Click on buy licence (sorry, it is “free licence” for me)

2. Choose the country where you want to sell your products

3. Click on buy market

TIP : Think twice before buy an export licence, currently their cost are huge and it can take long time before you will be able to gain the  cost of the licence. Also, check if the country where you want to export has no embargo (by example, invest in a French licence is a very bad idea)


Sometimes, a country decides to stop trade with another one. It is an embargo.  Currently, eUK has some embargoes with differents countries (which are almost always hostile to our country)

By example, for the next 11 days : Canadians are unable to sell their products in eUK and on the same time : UK citizens can’t sell their products in Canada. For France : it is for the next 8 months.

Embargo can only be proposed by the president country. Himself and congress members can vote the proposal. The length of the proposal is always 30 days. Once an embargo is decided, the country president can propose once again to stop trade with the same country. In that case : if the 2nd proposal is accepted, another 30 days are added at the length of the current one.