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4.04 Military Unit

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Since around October 2011, Admin added a new feature : Military Units.

If at the beginning, a lot of people considered that it was an useless thing : there was some adds who made that thing useful.

Join a military Unit

A mission will ask you to join a military unit. To achieve this thing. Move your cursor to “community” and click on “Military Unit”

Once it is done, you should see something like that

Choose a Military unit,  Like ” NHS – New players join here “(if you want to join UK national army and contact Count Drakula , If needed he will redirect you to a better Military unit ) or TUP Family (If you are looking about a cool Military Unit)

When you choose your military unit, you will be a recruit. Which means that you have access to several things (being able to achieve Daily orders) but not all of them (by example, you can’t vote for captain elections)

To be a full member, you need to finish a mission which is always

  • Defeat 10 enemies in a mentionned campaign
  • Having a rank between private and Field Marshall (depending the Military Unit that you join)

It is 10 opponents to defeat now

When the mission is finished, you will be a full member of the unit.

Each military unit has regiment. Each regiment can have maximum 50 soldiers (30 can join it and 20 can be invited by members of this regiment)

Military unit organisation

Each military unit has a commander (aka the leader of the unit), his rank is at least commander. He has the right to choose requirements to join the military unit and is able to definite Military unit priorities. He can also remove members from the military unit (if they joined it since more than 2 days)

He can appoint 2 Second in command, they have less power than the commander but they can remove members from the military unit (if they joined it since more than 2 days).

Each regiment can have a captain. On the 14th of each month, you can be candidate to be captain if

  • you have at least Captain rank
  • you are full member of the unit

Attention : Unlike for President party elections, you can’t see other candidates till the vote begins and you can’t vote for yourself

The captain is the leader of a regiment, he can definite fighting priorities for his regiment and he can remove regiment’s members (if they joined the unit since more than 2 days)

The Captain can’t be removed from the unit.

Create a military unit

You can always create your military unit but it is not recommanded for a young citizen.

To create your military unit :

  • Your rank must be at least commander
  • It will cost you 40 Golds
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