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4.05 Support a Resistance War

17/05/2012 Comments off

Easier and cheaper than before : Support a Resistance war can be a good idea to win a medal (and 5 golds)

However, you need to be sure that the resistance war will be sucessful. By example, If you support  a resistance war in Scotland or Northern Ireland : it is a lost cause because UK and Ireland signed an agreement about these regions and UK will not help you.

To be able to support a resistance war : you must be sure that there is the resistance force of this country is not fighting on another resistance war in the same country

Example : If Canada has East of England and South East of England. A resistance war is organised in South East of England : You can’t support a Resistance war in East of England till the one with in South East in finished.

To support it : you need to located on the region that you want to liberate, and you need to have £1000. Also, the region needs to be under foreign control since more than 24h

If everything is OK, you should see something like that on the main page

Click on support and a pop-up will appear to confirm your choice

If you click on “support” your avatar will be added on the list of people who support the resistance war. Once than 10 people support it : The RW is launched

If the Resistance is successful : you will gain a Medal and 5 gold. However, if the RW fails : you can’t be able to support another one on the next 7 days.

Last things

After 7 days and if 10 people have not be found to support it : you will receive your cash back.

If another RW is launched before the one that you supported. Other people will be able to support the same than yours only when the previous one is ended (successful or not)