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4.07 Combat orders

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Well, that’s a feature added by admins who gives you the opportunity to be paid for fighting… But only in some case.

I won’t explain here how to put orders on the battlefield (considering that lot of people who are reading this tutorial are mainly young ones).

1- Click on Wars to find current campaigns

2- You need to fight a campaign where you can be paid for dealing damage.

Here, Italy vs Slovenia campaign doesn’t Combats orders. But France vs Serbia has 2 offers on each side.

3- Click on button fight

4- Once you arrive on battlefield, you will see on the right a small tab with a number

Click on the small tab.

5- You will see current offer.

Click on the small square to have a green V  to accept it.

Like you see : I can receive 25GBP each time that I make 1.000.000 damages and only if the bar if below 51% (I receive money if I hit at 50.99% but not at 51%)

6 – Once I defeat an enemy, I receive a some money. Even if you defeat only 1 enemy, you receive some money.

You can see that I received 2.57GBP. With that weapon, I make around 34.000 dmg per hit. it took me 3 hits to defeat that enemy. I made a bit more 102.000 dmg on the battlefield. I received 0.102 X 25GBP => 2.57GBP to defeat this guy.

Depending your division, you receive more or less money. Division 1 should be the best pay per million but it is harder to make 1 million damage.

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