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5.01 Political Parties

10/05/2012 Comments off

Well, still like in real life. Erepublik has a political module. These parties are useful for electing people for congress and president. Like in real life, this module is not mandatory but give some fun

Also, Created parties are not linked with real life ones (even if sometimes their ideologies can be the same)

First of all, you need to join a party.

Move your cursor to “community” and click on “my Party”

Of course, because you are still independent, you will see this

You have 2 choices, or you join a party or you create one.

Join a Party

You will be redirected to this page, and be able to see the 10 current biggest parties in the country.

Click on one who think that it is a good one (I always been a member of the Unity Party, I will rejoin this one 🙂

You will see this

Click on “Join Party” and you are now a member of this party.

Create a Party

That’s the second option and not the easiest and not the cheapest.

Here, you will click on “Create a party”. You need to have 40 gold and you will mention name of your party, his economical orientation (far-left , Center left , Center, Center-right, Far-right) and his social orientation (Anarchist, Libertarian, Authoritarian, Totalitarian)

Add a logo, and a place where you could talk about it and it is done. You will be the first president party of your party

If you are a young citizen, this option is clearly not the best one, You have better things to do than using 40 Gold to create a party.