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5.02 Party Page

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Every party created has its own page, which contain a lot of informations. I will split the page in 2 and explain every information that you can find


1 = Party’s logo

2 = Name of the party

3 =Forum of the party (outside erepublik)

4 = name of the current president party

5 = Country in which The unity party is located

6 = Rank of the party. Here, The Unity Party is the party who has the most members in eUK

7 = Wiki page of the party

8 = A brief description of the party (only the president party can change it)

9 = Current members

10 = Possibility to see every member of The Unity Party

11 = Current orientation of the party (Only the president party can change it)

12 = Join the party – If you are a member, you will see “resign”

13 = President party part

14 = Avatar and name of the president party

15 = Access to results of previous president party elections

16 = When next president party elections are scheduled and how many people will run there

17 = See the list of current candidates to this elections

Part 2

1 = congress part

2 = how much congress members The Unity Party was able to elect + percentage of their congress members on the current congress

3 = Results of the last congress election

4 = When the next congress elections are scheduled

5 = Possibility to see proposed congress members (only available from 16th of the month to 24of the month)

PS : from 16th of the month to 23th of month, you will have a button “Run for congress”

6 = country president part

7 = Avatar and name of the winner (not specially a member of the party)

8 = Results of the last country president election

9 = Date where the next country president election is scheduled

10 = Currently, The Unity Party has proposed nobody (only the President party can decide who will be the next candidate)

11 = Show the list of people who will run for country president (and parties who support them)

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