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5.03 Elections

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The most exciting moment in the political life. At erepublik, there is 3 elections per month and always at the same moment

5th of the month : country president election

15th of the month : president party election

25th of the month : congress election

Length of the voting day is 24 hours, from daychange to 23h59 (erep time). Once the voting day ends, during 6h you will see provisionnal results. During these hours, admins check if there was no frauds (like someone who created multi accounts to win an elections), if they find some frauds, they remove these illegal votes.

After 6h, you are officially elected

First of all : you have a vote and only a vote !!!


If you vote for someone in party A on President Party election and you decide to move to party B : you will not be allowed to vote for president party in party B. Same thing if you decide to move to another country for citizenship after voting. You will not be able to vote in your new country.

Every day that there is elections, you will see this sticker on the main page

President country election

After clicking on the sticker, you will be redirected to a page like this one. You will be able to see current candidates for the elections and you need to click on vote just below that the candidate that you support

Sorry, I had no screenshot, I made one who is almost like the real one

Once you pushed on the button, you will need to fill a captcha (to be sure that you are not a robot) and following that, your vote will be counted and you will be able to see current results

PS : the citizen who leads election at on the left and the last one on the right

Party President election

You will be only able to vote in the party in which you are. By clicking on the sticker, you will be redirected to this page.

You will see a list of people that you are candidates for the job. Choose the one who think that he is the best for it, click on vote, fill a captcha and see the result

PS : the current winner is always on the top of the page

Congress election

Since around September 20 (2012), Admin changed the way to elect congress.

Now, you will not vote in a region but for a party (whatever the region where you live).

It means that between 16th and 23rd of the month. You can be candidate for the party where you are.

On the 24th of the month, your PP chooses the list’s order. By example between 16th and 23rd of the month : you can be on the 18th position of your party and on the 24th : your PP can put you on the 5th place or on the 30th one (if there is 30 candidates).

On 25th of the month : Population votes for a list, and they will see that kind of screen shot

The party on the top of the page is the one who has currently the most votes.

If you click on it : you will see this

It means that

– The Unity Party proposes 29 candidates
– Bohemond4 is on the top of the list. If The Unity Party has only 1 seat : Bohemond4 will be their only congress member.
– The Equalist has the 2nd one, … I’m 7th on the list, Niemand is 8th, …

Once, you made your choice : Move the cursor on the “vote” button near from the party who will receive your vote

Once you clicked on the vote button (and only after it) : you will be able to see current results


If your country has 1 region : your party can propose 10 candidates
For 2 regions : 20 candidates
For 3 regions : 30 candidates
For 4 till 40 regions : 40 candidates
More than 40 regions : the same amount of regions that your country have.

If your party list has 35% :  14 guys of your list will be elected as congress members. Game mechanics will choose ones from the top of the list to number 14. So, number 15, … will not be elected.

Last thing : If your party list finishes with 35% and you only propose 10 guys as congress members : these 10 guys will be elected but because there is nobody at place 11-12-13-14 : these seats will remain empty. And in that case : there will be only 36 congress members instead of 40

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