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5.04 Government

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Prime Minister

Officially, he is in game the country president but was renamed to be conform to the real life institutions.

Unlike the other ministers, he is the only who is elected. The prime minister has access to the treasury, he can propose law and he makes official foreign relations. He is also the supreme commander of our national army and coordinate attacks on a region along with his cabinet
He decides to create or remove any ministries, and chooses his cabinet.

Minister of defence

One of the most important job in the cabinet, he is in charge of our national army. He decides the structure of the command and the one of the army, when and where to attack. He needs to be sure that every soldier receive his supplies. And publish everyday an article to inform citizen about where to fight.

Minister of foreign affairs

He has responsability to create, maintain and improve relations between United Kingdom and all other countries over the world.

He has his word to say about alliances, mutual protections pacts

Minister of finances

He is in charge of the economic stability, and has access to Bank of England. This organisation receives money from country accounts.

He has the responsability to establish the budget and can propose to change taxes rate. He developps several schemes to help citizens (like « call for arms »)

Minister of home affairs

Probably the ministry who needs the most apprentices to achieve to help the country. The Ministry has 3 important tasks : Informing, educating and entertainement.

He realises that via publishing articles (like UK TODAY), mass messaging (especially new players) and organise games on the UK forum

Minister of legislative affairs

He is like the real life speaker of the house. He is charge to moving bills from public to House commons, organise votes in the house of commons (when it is required) and amend the statue book

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