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5.05 Duties of elected people

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Well, being elected means having a greater responsability. Some of these jobs are not easy (especially the country president one). Most of the time, if you try to run for party president or congress member without being known of the community, you have no chance to be elected.

Joining the UK forum ask access to the private forum of your party is an an excellent beginning.

It is better to ask on the private forum if you can run for congress (once topic is opened), same for other jobs.

By asking if you can run, you will receive the status of « official candidate » by your party, which means that they will try to help you to be elected (especially for congress)

Party President

He is elected on the 15th of the month.

He can rename the party, change his orientation. He is the only member of the party who can propose a country president candidate or give support to someone outside his party. (Most of the time, the candidate won a primary on the forum)

On the 24th of the month (and only that day), he can prepare lists for congress elections, by moving candidates who think that they are the best.

He can also give political titles to members of his party (see 5.06 for more informations)

On the UK forum, Parties presidents have the right to give access to new party members

Congress members

They are elected on the 25th of the month.

Following the regions that the country has, they are between 10 and 40.

They can give citizenship to applicants (but take care, some applicants can be hostile), that’s why we have a procedure on the forum. Never accept someone before approval on the forum

They have access to a special forum on the UK one, where cabinet and them can debate about several important things (congress members can’t leak things from there)

They can vote on every law, and propose 2 of them during their term. They have access to this panel on country administration

  • Donate : It is simply to take money from country accounts to an UK organisation (most of the time, it is to Bank of England)
  • Issue money : If the country has a lack of money, they can print some in exchange of golds
  • VAT & Import taxes : Change current VAT and import taxes on products (max 25% for VAT)
  • Income Tax : change the income tax (max 25%)
  • Minimum wage : the minimum wage can be raised or reduced. But most of the time, he is low due to army (they work for almost free in exchange of tanks)
  • President impeachement : the president made a huge mistake in wars, stole money, … Well, he can be kicked. In that case, it is the citizen who arrived on the second place who take his place. Also, only 1 impeachement can be launched per week (whatever if it is a successful or a failed one) and this law requires a super majority (66%) to be accepted
  • Provide citizenship : don’t ask, I never pushed the button, you should do the same
  • Natural enemy : In the case of a war, you can declare an natural enemy but you must have a border with this country (UK can choose Canada as Natural enemy but not South Africa). This law requires a super majority (66%) to be accepted.
    Once the law is accepted, natural enemy can’t be changed during 1 week (except if there is no common borders). A war between the 2 countries will be created and every citizen of this country will receive a special bonus (10% of influence) against their natural enemy. (If UK chooses France as natural enemy, UK citizens will have bonus against France in this war but if Hungary does the same, UK citizens will not have this bonus if they fight for Hungary against France).
    As long as a country has the same Natural enemy, a peace treaty can’t be proposed.

To finish, it requires attention if you are elected as congress members. If you decide to launch proposals without that it was talked on the forum, you can be sure that parties will try that you will not be elected for another term.

These proposals are not made for fun (especially the impeach and natural enemy one). Never launch them before talking about them on the forum. They can have serious consequences

Country President

He is elected on the 5th of the month. He is the leader of the country and most of the time, he explained his intentions and program before elections. He chooses himself his cabinet. He can decide when to attack a region. Like congress members, he can vote on every proposed law (even impeachement). He has no limit to propose laws.

He has access to this panel

  • New citizen message : When you arrived on erepublik, you received an automatic message from the president. He can choose what he wants to write to you (limited on 1500 caracters)
  • Buy Buildings : The president can decide to build hospitals and defence systems in regions under his control (Since admins removed hospitals and defence systems companies, he will probably not use this proposal)
  • Alliance : He can propose to sign a Mutual protection pact with a country. It means that if UK signs with Spain, and Spain is attacked by USA, UK citizens can help Spain without leaving UK regions. The length of these alliances are always 30 days
  • Declare War : need an explanation ? It is quite explicit but Country president will probably never use this proposal (prefering Natural enemy law) because it will cost you gold ( attack UK who has around 5000 citizens will cost 700Golds)
  • Trading embargoes : If you have a problem with a country, you can always decide to stop trade with it. During 30 days, they will be unable to sell their products on UK Market and UK citizens can’t sell their products in this country.
  • Natural enemy : it is exactly the same proposal than for congress members.

Last proposal but not present there (because we had no war at that time) : Peace treaty

It will propose to stop war and sometimes ask money to the other country. This proposal is quite special because it requires 48h to be accepted.

Example : UK decides to stop war with USA and propose a peace treaty. Congress members will vote during 24h. If the proposal is accepted, USA congress will receive the same proposal and their congress members will vote during 24h. If the law is accepted. War stops immediatly

Also, he can choose the campaign of the day (like the picture below shows)

By clicking on change, the president will have access to every current war where his country is able to fight. He just need to click on “set” near the campaign that he wants to select