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5.06 Political titles

18/10/2012 Comments off

Around day 1790, admin launched another feature : Political titles.

There is 2 kinds of political titles. One who has links with your political party, the other about government

Political parties

Now on your party page,  you can see this :

It is several titles who are given by the current President Party. On the profile of these members : you can also see these titles.

Check on Kevy’s profile

Also, Like I mentionned : Only the current PP can give these titles. To give these titles to party members : they have a small button on party page who is named “Edit details”

They click on it and they have access to this page

Thx to Dan Moir for this screenshot

PS : if you have a government title and a party one : only the government one will be seen on your profile page

Country titles

Let’s check my profile

On this one : you can see that I’m the current Minister of Foreign Affairs

Well, on the same time that Admin added political titles, they made the same for main ministers.

To see current ministers. Click on the UK flag on your profile and on “Politics”.

ONLY the country president can assign ministers via his CP panel.

President can do it via administration panel .

His panel is like this one

Thx to Talon Karrde for this screenshot

The main advantage of these titles : Quite easier to know who is minister. Before this add, most of the time. Country president published a list of cabinet members, … and it can took time to find it. It helps population if they need to contact one of their ministers, …

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