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6.01 Introducing Media module

12/05/2012 Comments off

Well, maybe not the most developped module but you can do funny things inside.

On the main page, you have probably seen this thing

Of course, by clicking on an article, you will have access on it and also by clicking on more news, you will have access to more articles.

But let’s check the differents categories

1 = will be explained on the next screenshot

2 = country where the media are published

3 = First steps in Erepublik (tutorials for new citizens)

4 = Battle orders (military orders from Minister of defence)

5 = Warfare analysis

6 = Political debates and analysis (Political talks and ads, manifestoes, …)

7 = Financial Analysis

8 = Social interactions and entertainement (fun things and everything who doesn’t enter in other categories)

9 = change subscriptions to medias (will be explained later)

Let’s return to the first point.

By clicking on the arrow, you will see articles classified by top rated (most votes) , latest published, Lastest events (military news), international (all the articles published all over the new world) and only those who have subscribed.

I haven’t talked a lot about subscriptions things. Here you can saw that I already subscribed to 73 differents newspapers.

By clicking on “change”, you will be able to see every newspaper that you subscribed. Click on the square near its name and on unsubscribed and that’s done, the newspaper will disappear on your subscriptions list

Last thing : below categories, you will see essential things about an articles. Like name of the newspaper, in which category he was published, how many votes he has, when he was published, …