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6.02 Reading Medias

12/05/2012 Comments off

Well, even if this is not the main thing of erepublik, Reading media can be important, you could learn a lot of things,

Let’s check the presentation of an article

1 = Logo of the newspaper

2 = Name of the newspaper

3 = Owner of the newspaper

4 = Click there to see the rank of the newspaper

5 = Wikipage of the newspaper (if it has one)

6 = Name of the article

7 = Number of votes of this article (Click on Vote to add yours)

8 = Number of comments

9 = When the article was published

10 = Country where the article was published

11 = Category where the newspaper was published

12 = Click there to subscribe (and unsubscribe if you have subscribed)


At the end of article, you will be able to see comments and post yours (if you want)

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