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6.04 Write Articles

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Let’s enter in the last part of this chapter,

Now that you have created a newspaper, continue with writing an article.

Click on the newspaper icon on your profile page

You will see this header

1 = Subscribers that you have (when you have 1000, you receive a media mogul medal)

2 = Access to the panel “write an article”

3 = Change details of your newspaper (see “create a newspaper for details)

Write an article

Once you pushed “write an article”, you will be redirected this page (Media module uses BBcode)

The B/I/U is to write in Bold/Italic or underlined

1=  add a picture on your article

2 = add a link

3 = uses a strikethrough

4 = add a line

5 = add an email

6 = Clean

7 = Preview (very useful, use it before publish)

Once you typed your article, Choose a category and Click on Publish

PS : You must choose a category before publishing, if you don’t do it, the Publish button will have no effect

To finish, once your article is published, you can always edit or delete it clicking on buttons just below votes

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