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7.02 IRC

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Like I explained on the last chapter, a part of the game is on the UK Forum but there is another part on IRC.
There, we have several channels where it is easy to talk to other UK citizens and friends.

IRC channels are used by parties (for electoral strategy), government (for cabinet meetings, …) or army (for giving supplies). It is the fastest way to achieve these things.

Even if I’m not an expert, I will do my best to explain you everything via Mibbit.

1-  you must go on and you will see this

Click on « launch app »

You will be redirected to this page and you will choose « Rizon » near from connect and below you will write your nickname and enter a channel (like #euk)

Click on enter and it is done:)

You joined the official EUK Channel.

That’s not all, we have several important channels like #MoD, #UK.HomeOffice, … I will give you all these links at the end of the page.

Once you are on mibbit, and if you want to join another channel, type /join #name-of-the-channel

PS : never forget to put # before the name of the channel that you want to join.

Register your nickname

Several channels asks to be your nickname registed, to achieve this thing, you must type

/msg NickServ REGISTER password valid@email.address

password = the password that you want to choose
The email must be a valid one, you will receive a code there.

Check your email and once you have receive this mail, type this

/msg NickServ CONFIRM ConfirmationCodeFromEmail

ConfirmationCodeFromEmail = the code that you receive in the mail.

When you log, just type

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY your-password

And it is done

That’s the base of IRC, if you want to know more, I could suggest you to find some tutorials on the web.
To finish, these are the important channels for euk

UK important channels

With the link, you have just to click on it and enter your nickname to enter 😉

UK General channel


UK Minister of defence


UK Home Affairs


UK Foreign Affairs


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