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7.04 Abbreviations

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Politics and government

 PTO = Political Take-over. A group of foreign citizens (who has no link with the community) takes the power. Most of the time, they are hostile to the country that they want to take power

ATO = Anti Take-over. It is the opposite of a PTO. It is an exercise who consist to kill (or reduce effects) of a PTO

CS = Citizenship

CP = Country President

PP = President Party

MoD = Minister of defence

MoHA = Minister of Home Affairs

MoFA = Minister of Foreign Affairs

MoF = Ministry of Finances

TOP 5 = The 5 parties who has the biggest amount of members. To be able to be on the ballot (for congress elections), you must be a member of one of these parties


MPP = Mutual protection pact. It is an military alliance between 2 countries

RW = Resistance War. A war in a specific region who have the goal to return it to its legal owner

RH = Resistance Hero. A citizen who supported a Resistance war

BH = Battle Hero. The citizen who inflicted the biggest amount of damages in a mini

CH = Campaign Hero. The citizen who inflicted the biggest amount of damages in a campaign (aka in all mini of a battle)

TW = Training War. It is a war who is organised by the 2 countries with the goal to help citizens to achieve a higher rank

SS = Super Soldier. It is the medal that you receive each time that you have 250 strength

DoW = Declaration of war. It is the proposal launched by a country president to attack another country (and it costs gold)

NE = Natural enemy. The proposal who give a 10% influence bonus when they attack their natural enemy

FF = Food fights, It is the amount of time that you can hit on the button « fight » with only using your own food

Tank = a Citizen who have a lot of strength and gold. He uses more than his food fights to inflict a lot of damages.


WaM = Working as Manager

Q = Quality, often used to ask the quality of your companies

DC = Daychange, the moment when another day arrives. In UK, Daychange is at 8.AM

BB = Babyboom, it is when a lot of player arrives on the country in a short laps (mainly after they saw ads somewhere)

Multi = Multi account. Someone who uses another account on erepublik (which is not tolerated by admins)

FP = forfeit point, You receive them after doing something wrong (or something that admins have not liked)

Temp Ban = Temporary Ban, Someone who is banned during a lap of time.

Perma Ban = Permanent Ban, Someone who is banned permanently, most of the time, it is when administration found that this citizen uses multies

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