Last update : 27/07/2013 | Check update page HERE | Article about alliance module will arrive on the following days

PS : before beginning, I’d like to mention that I (Kravenn) am the owner of this tutorial. I offered it to eUK to help your citizens. Nobody else than me can claim the ownership.

I never allowed any party to use this tutorial for recruitement. If a political party uses it for recruitement, I can only suggest you to join another party. There is a lot of correct and fair parties in UK

YOUNG PLAYERS : SAVE YOUR GOLD, Don’t Spend them on Battlefield

Hi and welcome on the official UK erepublik tutorial,

Several months ago, I saw that Poland used a system like this one to help their babies, I found this idea excellent and I decided to write this tutorial to help you on the beginning of your eLife. We all know that it is not specially easy to begin and without help : most of new citizens finish to leave the game.

Even with some articles to help new citizens are good, they are hard to find a week after they were published and also, I think that young citizens prefer to read a small article about what they need to know that a long article where they will find the same news but they will read 90% of what they are not interested.

I wrote this tutorial by thinking that we need to talk about every module.

  • Chapter 1 is about basic things of erepublik
  • Chapter 2 is about Working and Training
  • Chapter 3 is about the economical module
  • Chapter 4 is about the military module
  • Chapter 5 is the political module
  • Chapter 6 is about the media modul
  • Chapter 7 will explain some things about IRC, Geopolitics and some abbreviations used in game
I recently added a new page called Last updates, please check it to know where I updated new content

If you want to contact me or tell me your opinion about this tutorial, Leave a message on comments at the end of this page

I would like to thank

John Forseti about the banner
Niemand for her help on several screenshots (6.03 – Create a newspaper)
Dan Moir for his help on a screenshot (5.06 Political titles)
Talon Karrde for his help on a screenshot (5.06 Political titles)

This tutorial took me a lot of time to write, and I really hope that it will help you to progress in your eLife.


Last Thing: I would like to mention that this tutorial won the Erepublik tutorial contest on Facebook. It is another proof of its quality 😉

PS : If you want to translate my tutorial  for your country (and your eBabies), It is always better to send me a Private message. I just ask to have a link on the main page to my profile and to this tutorial

  1. BigAnt
    13/05/2012 at 22:15

    Great Work Kravenn!

    BigAnt eUK MoHA

  2. Dan Moir
    13/05/2012 at 22:23

    This is awesome. Kravenn FTW!

  3. kcirp
    14/05/2012 at 22:09

    Wow, thats awesome, GJ Kravenn

  4. mittekemuis
    15/05/2012 at 10:39

    Every country that speaks English enough to understand should keep this link close and send it to all newbies that start the game.
    I can’t begin to imagine how may hours you spend on it…
    Congrats Kravenn, once more you have proven to be valuable to the eUK to this game.

  5. ecksohh
    15/05/2012 at 16:03

    Nice work 🙂

  6. mikeontry
    26/05/2012 at 03:54

    Added to the Erepublik Tools and Tuts website:

  7. Sambo112
    27/05/2012 at 16:59

    congratz on the reward

  8. 28/05/2012 at 14:37

    Good work \o/

  9. 25/08/2012 at 12:52

    Very Good

  10. 29/11/2012 at 20:48

    good work 🙂

  11. 26/12/2012 at 22:29

    Nice guide!

  12. Ariyan
    17/01/2013 at 01:41

    Nice job my fellow Angel =P

  13. sumoncpi
    27/04/2013 at 11:19

    Actually good work

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